The Every School Day Counts Detroit (ESDCD) coalition is one of many groups, schools and other social institutions launching initiatives to address and lower Chronic Absence in our schools:

  • A citywide opinion poll on Chronic Absence and reading;

  • Wayne State study of Chronic Absence that takes a deep dive into causes and interventions;

  • 37 Charter and DPSCD data-based pilot school attendance team efforts;

  • An after-school program focusing on chronic absenteeism intervention strategy.

ESDCD is launching a messaging campaign to increase student and parent awareness of Chronic Absence and its impact, and to provide resources to help students stay on track.

The initial phase of the campaign will run from mid-March through mid- June, 2019.

Our long-term goal is to bring Detroit’s rate of chronic absenteeism down substantially from 56% to 15% by 2027. This would make Detroit the city with the lowest rate of chronic absenteeism of all large cities in the US.

Our children are our hope for tomorrow. If we don’t work together to solve this problem now, we risk their futures, and ours.