We’re all in this together.

Children are born curious. The possibilities for them are endless. When we take time to let kids know their thoughts and opinions are valued, they respond and they flourish. It’s up to all of us – parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, churches, and community organizations to feed their curiosities and lay a solid foundation for their futures. When someone shows interest in something or someone, a spark is lit. There’s a connection. There’s promise.



Faith-based institutions help communities and schools by providing encouragement in the form of mentorships, tutoring, transportation and inspiration to both parents and students. Their services are an important supplement to those provided by the schools.


Detroit’s special public/private partnership with nonprofits has led to investments in ideas and projects in the city that have helped to transform it.


It’s time to call upon business and civic organizations to embrace our schools, and actively support and advocate for them. That will help fuel the transformation of our neighborhoods and our city.